Doctor Wallach and Youngevity


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Doctor Wallach and Youngevity – Let’s Talk Minerals

doctor wallach and youngevity

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Doctor Wallach and youngevity

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doctor wallach and youngevity

About Doctor Wallach and Youngevity

Doctor Wallach is the creator of the world famous “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” lecture (which has sold over 50 million copies ), The “Exercise is Suicide” lecture and the best selling author of the books Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, Lets Play Doctor, Rare Earths Forbidden Cures and Hell’s Kitchen. Dr. Wallach’s lecture focuses on the fact that veterinarians have cured over 600 major diseases in animals with simple minerals and yet human physicians subject their patients to costly (and dangerous ) drugs and intrusive operations for those same ailments. Working with Marlane Perkins of the national television show “Wild Kingdom”, Doctor Wallach discovered some amazing facts on animal and human mortality. Those findings led Doctor Wallach to discover the effects of glucosamine for arthritis, antibiotics for ulcers, selenium for Cystic Fibrosis and hundreds of other applications were simple minerals and in particular colloidal minerals could produce miraculous results. Doctor Wallach’s research with colloidal minerals has always been controversial in the beginning seeing as he often runs in the face of conventional wisdom ( and where that conventional wisdom’s money is being spent ) but as with glucosamine the truth always wins out and his research becomes mainstream. Doctor Wallach is the only person to date that has been allowed by the FDA to make medical claims on nutritional products; the Colloidal Mineral Selenium and Essential Fatty Acids being the first of what I feel will be a multitude. Recently Doctor Wallach has been questioning the conventional wisdom of lowering cholesterol; cholesterol being a fat that makes up much of the human brain. Evidence now points to lowered fat intake possibly being a factor in the Alzheimer epidemic we are now experiencing. He has also discovered what experts feel is the biggest single factor in the rampant ADHD we are seeing in our children today and most importantly how for a dollar or two a day parents can make them 100% better. Dr. Wallach has become a regular on the Alex Jones radio broadcast. On Alex Jones’ program Dr. Wallach points out that the human body is not designed to be sick, overweight, fatigued, impotent, depressed or any of the other common ailments we see so often today, but we induce most all of them ourselves by not giving our bodies the 90 nutrients they need to thrive everyday. Don’t you find it just a little bit strange that your local Veterinarian (in animals) can cure Heart Disease, Diabetes, CHFC, ADHD, Sexual Disfunction, Low Energy, Insomnia, Arthritis plus 600 other common diseases for a dollar or two a day while your own Doctor prescribes hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of prescriptions monthly for those same problems and no one ever gets cured?!

doctor wallach and youngevity

doctor wallach and youngevity

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Exercise is Suicide” or “Dead Athletes Don’t Lie”

Dr. Wallach’s 2nd paradyme shattering discovery that athletes die 6 years sooner then couch potatoes, worse yet is that 100,000 children and young adults die every year needlessly because they lack this one simple nutrient!  If you run, jog, bike, ski or engage in any other high intensity sport, this lecture may save your life ! DOC points out how young athletes and even Pro’s are at high risk of sudden heart failure because of the medical establishments big lie. Fill in the form above for instant access.

 doctor wallach  youngevity ASAP Weight Loss
In recent months Doctor Wallach has discovered key proteins which unlock the body’s fat-burning process! People who have never been able to lose weight through exercise and dieting are finding incredible success.”I have tried every diet known to man. Nothing worked until I found ASAP. I lost 73 lbs. in 80 days, went on vacation to Mexico for 2 weeks and kept it off! I believe ASAP resets your metabolism.ASAP has changed my life more than anything I have ever done in my life!” ~Victoria B., Denver, CO Victoria shares the Secret of how she lost 73 pounds in 80 days. For more information see Victoria’s Secret! “I love the outdoors. Golfing, mountain biking, hiking, hunting are things I really enjoy. Over the past 8 years I had put on enough weight that it was difficult to enjoy any of these activities. I tried different ways to lose weight and none of them took off more than 5 or 6 lbs. and then I would gain those back plus a few more.I heard about the ASAP product and met a few people that were having tremendous success. I decided to give it a try. In just 62 days my fat loss totaled 46.6 lbs. and 8.5 inches in the waist. My Body Mass Index (BMI) has gone from Obese to NORMAL! I am 1.6 lbs. away from my weight goal. I feel great physically, emotionally, and mentally. I am also enjoying the outdoor activities again!” ~Tim S., Burnsville, MN
Dr. Wallach is the only person in the industry that has twice earned the approval of the FDA to make health claims regarding nutritional products. Click HERE to see what they say about Selenium.